Thursday, December 8, 2011

..endless rain..

I’m walking in the rain,
though everything seems to be hurting me for some reason.
There is only nothing.
Just kill me now … as I roam forever.
Until I can forget your love.

To me sleep is a confusing, narcotic
that only quiets the beating heart.
All my love seems to flow from my body like a heart felt memory.
I keep my love for you to myself.

Endless rain, fall on my heart In this wounded soul.
Let me forget, all of the hate, all of the sadness,

Days of joy, days of sadness slowly pass me by.
As I try to hold you, you are vanishing before me.
You’re just an illusion.
When I am awake, my tears have dried in the sands of sleep.
I’m a rose blooming in the desert.

It’s a dream, I’m in love with you.
Hold me warmly in your arms.
I awake from my dream
I can’t find my way without you

The dream is over.
I can no longer hear the voice of your gentle words.
Floating off tear stained walls.
So awakening in the morning, I’ll move into my dreams …
until I can forget your love

**need u.. =(

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

girl feel..

y yep hati perempuan ni??
sumtime rase sedey tanpe sedey,
ade org kate SYAITAN ade ganggu, (hayookkkk)
ade suggest tak, nak elakkn ati kite ni sedey?? hmmm
kadangII bgun pagi rase sedey,
kadangII nak tido mlm rase sedey,
kadangII rase rindu tue datang tibeII...

d answer from USTAZ AZHAR IDRUS;

perkara biasa,
hati perempuan mmg halus,
just lelaki sejati yg mampu jadi penawar...

* i know ur better man, hi3
sbb 2 la sye suke n syg awok..=)